Cult TV Awards 2016 Winners!

Monday, 16 January 2017 00:00

The last time Cult TV had the chance to announce its awards via a broadcast was in 2014. Now, three years later, we got to herald the return of a bi-weekly run of CULT TV ON YOUR RADIO at a new home with the results of the 2016 vote, the 23rd annual prize giving. It was broadcast llive between 7.00pm and 9.00pm GMT on Tuesday 3 January 2017 via Tulip Radio. Broadcasting to Spalding and South Holland in Lincolnshire, your usual Awards host alex:g returned, and to ring the nostalgia bells, the co-host was be Justin Allum, a well-known face from the entire run of the Cult TV Festival from 1994 to 2007. You be able to catch the show fortnightly, featuring this dynamic duo. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST OF THE SHOW BY CLICKING HERE.

The Cult TV Awards trophies from 2007

In fact, aside from alex:g’s wife Sarah and the man himself, Justin was the only other person who was on the production team for the entire 14 years of the Weekender – celebrating extraordinary fictional television in what was a non-stop residential package with a multi-stream programme which always ran from Noon Friday to Noon Monday, in either seaside holiday parks or various plus hotels around the country. You can tune in to the show every other Tuesday at 7.00pm to 9.00pm via 107.5 FM in the Spalding or South Holland area, or via the web by CLICKING HERE for Tune In.

Also, thanks to our good friends at Fabulous Films / Fremantle Media Enterprises, we were able to give away two huge prizes in a prize competition. The winner of MIAMI VICE - THE COMPLETE COLLECTION on Blu-ray was Mark Prior of Chatteris, and the winner of MAGNUM PI - THE COMPLETE COLLECTION on Blu-ray was Shane Cornwall of Attleboroigh. Well done both!

The eligibility dates for the annual awards within the selections were 1 September 2015 to 31 August 2016. And now, here are all the categories which were up for grabs, and the nominations which the members of the Cult TV website put forward for selection, plus who won what:

Best New Premium Channel Series

  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Netflix UK)
  • Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (Sky 1)
  • The Man in the High Castle (Amazon UK)
  • Stranger Things (Netflix UK) - WINNER
  • Supergirl (Sky 1)


Best New Free To Air Series

  • Containment (E4)
  • CSI Cyber (Channel 5)
  • Doctor Foster (BBC One)
  • Scream Queens  (E4)
  • Unforgotten (ITV) - WINNER


Best Returning Premium Channel Series

  • Game of Thrones (Sky Atlantic) - WINNER
  • House of Cards (Netflix UK)
  • The Blacklist (Sky Living)
  • The Flash (Sky 1)
  • The Walking Dead (Fox UK)


Best Returning Free To Air Series

  • Doctor Who (BBC One) - WINNER
  • Family Guy (ITV2)
  • Gotham (Channel 5)
  • The Big Bang Theory (E4)
  • The X-Files (Channel 5)


Best TV Special or Mini-Series

  • Heroes Reborn (5 Star)
  • London Spy (BBC Two)
  • Sherlock – The Abominable Bride (BBC One) - WINNER
  • The Night Manager (BBC One)
  • The People vs OJ Simpson - American Crime Story (BBC Two)


Show They Should Not Have Cancelled

  • Heroes Reborn (5 Star)
  • Mad Men (Sky Atlantic)
  • Marvel’s Agent Carter (Fox UK) - WINNER
  • Person of Interest (Channel 5)
  • Rookie Blue (Channel 5)


Best Guest Appearance

  • Lady GaGa (American Horror Story)
  • Maisie Williams (Doctor Who) - WINNER
  • Matt Lucas (Doctor Who)
  • Rhys Darby (The X-Files)
  • Stan Lee (Lucky Man)


Breakout Performance

  • Hanna Mangan Lawrence (Teresa - Containment)
  • Hannah John-Kamen (Dutch - Killjoys)
  • Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven - Stranger Things) - WINNER
  • Priyanka Chopra (Alex Parrish - Quantico)
  • Susie Abromeit (Pam - Marvel's Jessica Jones)


Best New Title Sequence

  • Angie Tribeca
  • CSI Cyber
  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones
  • The Man in the High Castle - WINNER
  • Unforgotten


Best DVD and/or Blu-ray Presentation

  • Doomwatch - The Remaining Episodes (Simply Media)
  • Space: 1999 - Complete Second Season (Network)
  • The Professionals Mk IV (Network)
  • The Wonder Years - Complete Series Deluxe Edition (Fabulous Films)
  • Thunderbirds 1965 (Pod 4 Films) - WINNER


Cult TV Hall of Fame – Series

  • Angel
  • Fringe
  • Robin of Sherwood
  • Space: 1999
  • The Man from UNCLE - WINNER


Hall of Fame – Actor

  • Scott Bakula - WINNER
  • Hugh Laurie
  • Adam West
  • Colin Baker
  • Peter Graves


Hall of Fame – Actress

  • Annette Crosbie
  • Amanda Tapping
  • Karen Gillan
  • Linda Thorson
  • Nichelle Nichols - WINNER


Hall of Fame – Director

  • Allen J Levi
  • David Elliot - WINNER
  • Jack Bender
  • Sydney Lotterby
  • Winrich Kolbe


Hall of Fame – Producer

  • David Croft - WINNER
  • Gale Anne Hurd
  • Jay Firestone
  • Rudolph Cartier
  • Vince Gilligan


Hall of Fame – Writer

  • Aaron Sorkin
  • Jane Espenson
  • Malcolm Hulke
  • Robert Banks Stewart
  • Roy Clarke - WINNER


Hall of Fame – Music

  • Bear McCreary (Eureka, New Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead)
  • Howard Goodall (Red Dwarf, Black Adder, Mr Bean) - WINNER
  • Michael Giacchino (Lost, Fringe, Alias)
  • Stu Phillips (Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Knight Rider)
  • Sylvester Levay (Airwolf, Otherworld, Something Is Out There)


Hall of Fame – Special Effects

  • Graham Brown (Waking The Dead, Doctor Who, The Second Coming)
  • James Tichenor (Stargate SG-1, Smallville, Kingdom Hospital)
  • Jay Worth (Fringe, Person of Interest, Revolution)
  • Shaun Whittacker-Cook (Captain Scarlet, UFO, Thunderbirds)
  • Vincent Kivlehan (Game of Thrones, Fortitude) - WINNER


Hall of Fame – Costumes

  • Donfeld (Wonder Woman)
  • Eulyn Colette Hufkie (The Walking Dead, October Road)
  • Michele Clapton (Game of Thrones, Casanova, Sense and Sensibility) - WINNER
  • Nglia Dickson (Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys)
  • Tom Broecker (House of Cards, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live)


Hall of Fame – Hero

  • Alex Drake (Ashes to Ashes)
  • George Cowley (The Professionals)
  • Michael Knight (Knight Rider) - WINNER
  • Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
  • Walter Bishop (Fringe)


Hall of Fame – Villain

  • Agent X20 (Stingray)
  • Francis Underwood (House of Cards USA)
  • Kessler (Secret Army)
  • Theo Galavan (Gotham)
  • The Sontarans (Doctor Who) - WINNER


Hall of Fame – Animated Character

  • Bender (Futurama)
  • Mayor West (Family Guy)
  • Roger (American Dad)
  • Windy Miller (Camberwick Green) - WINNER
  • Marine Boy (Marine Boy)


Hall of Fame – Advert

  • A Finger of Fudge (Cadbury’s Fudge) - WINNER
  • Christopher Columbus (Hamlet)
  • Do The Shake ‘n’ Vac (Shake n Vac)
  • Escher (McEwan's Lager)
  • Find Your Flow (Lucozade Energy)



  • "Unless you want to be pushed right into the diesel block, I wouldn't move, Mr Miles" (KARR, Knight Rider "KITT vs KARR")
  • “I blew them up with love” (Craig, Doctor Who “Closing Time”)
  • “I want to hear them scream until I am deaf with pleasure” (Sil, Doctor Who “Vengeance on Varos”)
  • “I've reversed a Jelly Baby of the neutron flow" (The Doctor, Doctor Who "The Almost People") - WINNER
  • “Now we're sitting on the biggest bomb man's ever made” (John Koenig, Space: 1999 “Breakaway”)



  • Fireflash needs a radiation shield service on its maiden flight (Thunderbirds “Trapped in the Sky”)
  • KITT's ever-changing nose shape (Knight Rider - Season 1) - WINNER
  • Newspaper death notice for mum and child reads "Sept 1992" but tombstone says "Nov 1991" (Fringe “Night of Desirable Objects”)
  • Starbuck's hair (Battlestar Galactica “Gun on Ice Planet Zero”)
  • The ever-changing colours of the IV packs strapped to the Doctor’s chest (Doctor Who “New Earth”)



  • Bridget and Siobhan on a speedboat with an unconvincing sky in the background (Ringer “Pilot”)
  • Herne's arrow seen with supporting wire as it flies at Robin (Robin of Sherwood “The Enchantment”) - WINNER
  • Omega's antimatter body dissolving into paste and green 'Rice Krispies' (Doctor Who "Arc of Infinity")
  • The Flying Cloud (Monkey)
  • The Rats (Doomwatch “Tomorrow The Rat”)


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