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Our Charity Donations

Saturday, 23 February 2008 08:28

From the very beginning the charity fund-raisng taken on by the annual Cult TV Weekenders were a prime reason for running our events. That spirit continues with the new Cineology TV Weekenders...


During its 14 years, the Cult TV Festival Weekenders raised over £51,000 for various charities. We would like to thank all the attendees who have supported us throughout the years as well as the many guests and celebrities who have provided numerous items for the charity auctions.  And now, we continue those fund raising efforts with the Cineology TV Weekenders.




£1,000 in total, divided equally between Amnesty International and The Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund.

£3,300 in total, divided equally between Shelter and The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

£3,000 donated to The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

£2,450 donated to Shelter.

£2,175 in total, divided equally between The Born Free Foundation, The Royal Theatrical Fund Retirement Home, and The Parkinson’s Disease Society.

£4,302 in total of which £3,700 was donated to UNICEF, £500 to Stars for Scope and £102 for Comic Relief.

£4,700 in total, divided equally between UNICEF and The Variety Club of Great Britain.

£7,715 in total of which £5,900 was donated to UNICEF, £700 to The Western Springs NZ Performing Arts Centre Construction Fund, £500 to The American Red Cross Disaster Fund, £515 to Clatterbridge Cancer Research, and £100 to Wath Animal Rescue.

£5,620 in total of which £3,450 donated to UNICEF, £1,750 to Southport Community Christmas Lights Appeal, £100 to St John Ambulance, and £320, via Claudia Christian, to the Make A Wish Foundation.

£3,000 in total of which £2,800 was donated to UNICEF and £200 to St John Ambulance.

£3,500 donated to UNICEF.

£3,600 donated to UNICEF.

£3,000 donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

£3,500 donated to the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF).



NOTE: £2,000 of 2001’s UNICEF donation and £1,700 of 2002’s UNICEF donation was through a Matched Giving scheme.

To find out more about such schemes, either speak to your Employer about providing a "Matched Donation", or if they do not have a "Give As You Earn" Scheme in place, a list of suppliers of employer services in this regard can be found by visiting the INLAND REVENUE WEBSITE.

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