2010 - CINEOLOGY LIVE Cancelled!

Sunday, 27 June 2010 23:00

The proposed new festival weekender CINEOLOGY LIVE! was cancelled due to the low number of bookings received since the event was announced in January 2010. This was despite tremendous support from the cast and crew of ASHES TO ASHES - the successor series to LIFE ON MARS - a favourite in the Cult TV Awards. Indeed, our thanks went out to Matthew Graham, Philip Glenister, Ashley Pharoah, Dean Andrews, Joseph Long, Geff Francis, Jane Featherstone and Simon Crawford Collins for accepting our invitations.

Those who had already booked were contacted by a Pontin's adviser to sort out refunds of payments, so there was no need to worry on that front. The unusual format of the event would have seen three series put under the spotlight, one on each day of the weekender (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), but it became apparent that the majority of agents of stars of other Cult TV series were going to demand ridiculous fees for what was to be a charity benefit event in aid of the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund.


The proposed CINEOLOGY LIVE event has had to be cancelled

Cineology Live! Programme Director Alex J Geairns commented "There are a lot of television appreciators in Britain who want to see a fresh approach to the celebration of the best fiction from the small screen. However, we simply couldn't reach enough of them to make it worthwhile this time around. It's been three years since our last weekender, which was then under the CULT TV banner. Many of our regulars from those days have been in touch to say they need at least a year's notice to clear their diaries and get the pennies together for attending such an event as ours.  I am extremely grateful to Pontin's for giving us the chance to try and relaunch a live event, and their support has been tremendous. I hope that perhaps we'll get another chance to work together in the future".

Things had started out so well for CINEOLOGY LIVE! when, on 22 January, Cineology went to the set of ASHES TO ASHES to present the Cult TV Award 2009 for ‘Best Returning Terrestrial Series’. The decision was voted for by you, our website membership. Co-creators and writers MATTHEW GRAHAM and ASHLEY PHAROAH accepted the Award, which you can see on the YouTube clip below. It was at this time that they also accepted our invitation to CINEOLOGY LIVE!




CINEOLOGY LIVE! was to be a fun-packed live celebration that represented great value. Meals and accommodation were included in the one price, so you would be able to concentrate on the event’s programme and enjoy yourself. There would be no need to leave the action as you would be right where it was all happening.  The venue was to be the Pontin’s Pakefield Holiday Resort. Lowestoft, Suffolk, over the weekend of 3-6 September 2010.

The MINISTRY OF CINEOLOGY, the people who brought you the acclaimed CULT TV FESTIVALS, had been working together with holiday specialists Pontin’s to bring about a new way to celebrate the best in extraordinary fictional television.

Cineology was approached by Pontin’s in the summer of 2009 to format a joint venture that would be innovative, as well as recapturing the spirit of classic conventions that has seeped away from the British appreciation landscape.

You would have been able to meet the stars of some of your favourite shows – Action, Comedy, SF and Drama series.


Dean Andrews and Philip Glenister


While on-set to present the Cult TV Award, we also took the opportunity to invite PHILIP GLENISTER (Gene Hunt)and DEAN ANDREWS (Ray Carling) to join us. Subsequently, both JOSEPH LONG (Luigi) and GEFF FRANCIS (Viv James) had also agreed to join us.  Matthew and Philip had previously joined us for the Cult TV Festival in 2007, and have been very happy to note what a great time they had. As such, two of the Executive Producers, JANE FEATHERSTONE and SIMON CRAWFORD COLLINS, were also happy to accept our invitations.

Lex Shrapnel at Cineology 2010There were to be two main auditoriums to entertain you.  The SPOTLIGHT STAGE would feature the three series that would be the focus, one after another over the course of the weekend.  The FESTIVAL STAGE would have featured star guests from other series, and we were delighted to announce that LEX SHRAPNEL, Jamie Cartwright in Minder would have been part of this. We believed that this formulation of venues was something unique – you would be able to concentrate on a trio of shows, and also get a wider perspective in the same weekend break – the best of both worlds covering both those who specialise in their appreciation and those who are more generalist in their outlook.

Also on the Festival Stage were to be “Fact In Fiction” talks – these reveal that the truth is often stranger than what has been speculated in some of our favourite TV and movies. We were delighted to announce that ANDY THOMAS and IAN R CRANE as guest speakers for this area of the programme.

There was also to be an inter-active WORKSHOP programme that would aim to be very hands-on, and give you insights in how the magic of television is created

In the evenings we were to have live music, stand-up, theme parties, and even the Cult TV Awards, which you can still vote for, even without a live event for them to be staged at.  There would also have been Production Workshops to find out what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Add to that Merchandise Traders, Auctions, Quizzes, Fun and Games, and the weekend was to be as packed and as care-free as you like.

It was all being done to raise as huge a donation as possible to the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund charity.

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