Space 1999: Season One

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Space: 1999 – Season One Episode Guide

Martin Landau as John Koenig

Barbara Bain as Helena Russell

Barry Morse as Victor Bergman

Prentis Hancock as Paul Morrow

Nick Tate as Alan Carter

Clifton Jones as David Kano

Zienia Merton as Sandra Benes

Anton Phillips as Bob Mathias

Suzanne Roquette as Tanya Alexander


Space 1999 Season One Out Now on Blu-rayProducer: Sylvia Anderson

Executive Producer: Gerry Anderson

Moon City Costumes Created By Rudi Gernreich

Series Creators: Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

Story Consultant: Christopher Penfold

Music: Barry Gray

Music Associate: Vic Elms

Special Effects: Brian Johnson

Production Designer: Keith Wilson

Production Manager: Ron Fry

Director of Photography: Frank Watts BSC

Casting Director: Michael Barnes

Supervising Editor: David Lane

Music Editor: Alan Willis

Special Effects Director: Nick Allder

Lighting Cameraman: Harry Oakes


01. “Breakaway

John Koenig arrives on Moonbase Alpha to co-ordinate attempts to avert a catastrophe caused by magnetic radiation that endangers the moon, just as the mysterious planet Meta approaches Earth. The three hundred and eleven men and women of Alpha have no idea of what is about to happen to them. (This episode would become half of the compilation movie “Alien Attack”).

Guest Starring: Lon Satton (Benjamin Ouma), Roy Dotrice (Simmonds), Philip Madoc (Gorski), Lou Satton, Eric Carte (Collins), Alf Joint (Steiner), Roy Scammell (Nordstrom).

Writer: George Bellak

Director: Lee H Katzin


02. “Earthbound

An alien spaceship en-route to Earth crash-lands near Moonbase Alpha, its crew cryogenically frozen for the journey. Commissioner Simmonds, who was visiting Moonbase Alpha when the moon was blasted out of orbit, sees an unexpected chance to return home.

Guest Starring: Christopher Lee (Captain Zantor), Roy Dotrice (Simmonds), Rhonda Parker (Female Kaldorian).

Writer: Anthony Terpiloff

Director: Charles Crichton


03. “Black Sun

Koenig must place all hope for survival on Bergman's plan to create a new force field when Alpha is drawn towards a "black sun" (aka Black Hole), a space phenomenon that even devours light and everything else with it (this episode became the second half of the movie “Journey Through The Black Sun”).

Guest Starring: Paul Jones (Mike Ryan), Jon Laurimore (Smitty).

Writer: David Weir.

Director: Lee H Katzin


04. “Ring Around The Moon

An alien spaceship proceeds to steal classified data from Moonbase Alpha’s computer banks. The Alphans must destroy this mission from a dead planet that is absorbing information and killing as part of a plan to conquer Earth.

Guest Starring: Max Faulkner (Ted Clifford).

Writer: Edward Di Lorenzo

Director: Ray Austin


05. “Dragon's Domain

Helena is not convinced by the bizarre explanation offered by the sole survivor of a disastrous 1996 space probe. Astronaut Tony Cellini has a story people refuse to believe – of a graveyard of various spaceships, and a terrifying monster guarding the plunder.

Guest Starring: Gianni Garko (Tony Cellini), Douglas Wilmer (Commissioner Dixon), Barbara Kellerman (Monique Bouchere), Michael Sheard (Darwin King), Susan Jameson (Juliet Mackie).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Charles Crichton


06.  Matter of Life and Death

The discovery of Helena’s husband, lost in space years earlier, points to disaster when the Alphans realise he is not what he seems, and that living on the planet below would have unavoidable shortcomings.

Guest Starring: Richard Johnson (Lee Russell), Stuart Damon (Parks).

Writer: Art Wallace

Director: Charles Crichton


07. “Death's Other Dominion

Moonbase Alpha is invited to share a lost paradise and immortality on the frozen planet Ultima Thule, thanks to members of a 1986 space expedition from Earth. A crazed soothsayer in the group warns Koenig and his colleagues to flee the planet.

Guest Starring: Brian Blessed (Cabot Rowland), John Shrapnel (Jack Tanner), Mary Miller (Freda), Valerie Leon (Thule Girl).

Writer: Anthony Terpiloff

Director: Charles Crichton


08. “The Troubled Spirit

When a botanist is forbidden to continue a series of experiments with plants, the Alphans are terrorised by his murderous, vengeful spirit - a spectre that seeks retribution for the man's death before it occurs.

Guest Starring: Giancarlo Prette (Dan Mateo), Hillary Dwyer (Laura Adams), Anthony Nichols (James Warren).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: Ray Austin


09.  The Last Enemy

Two warring planets, positioned so that they cannot shoot at each other directly, seize Alpha as a battle platform when the Moon wanders into range. Koenig must negotiate a ceasefire between the opponents when the battling threatens to destroy Alpha.

Guest Starring: Caroline Mortimer (Dionne), Maxine Audley (Theia), Kevin Stoney (Talos), Carolyn Courage (First Girl).

Writer: Bob Kellett

Director: Bob Kellett


10.  Collision Course

Koenig plans to use explosives to avoid a collision with another planet, but an alien convinces him that their destiny would be better served if their planets did collide (this episode became the first half of the movie “Journey Through The Black Sun”).

Guest Starring: Margaret Leighton (Arra).

Writer: Anthony Terpiloff

Director: Ray Austin


11. “Voyager's Return

Alpha scientists are trying to retrieve valuable research information from Voyager, a spacecraft from Earth that is being chased by a far-from-happy alien race that have previously encountered the ship.  Can Koenig and the team make them appreciate that the tragedy was made out of ignorance rather than desire?

Guest Starring: Jeremy Kemp (Ernst Linden), Barry Stokes (Jim Haines), Alex Scott (Aarchon), Lawrence Trimble (Abrams).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: Bob Kellett


12. “Mission of the Darians

When a call for help is made on the Alphans, a landing party travels to a gigantic, crippled spaceship, where the fourteen remaining survivors of a dead planet have a very nasty method of survival.

Guest Starring: Joan Collins (Kara), Aubrey Morris (Petros High Priest), Dennis Burgess (Neman), Paul Antrim (Lowry), Robert Russell (Hadin).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: Ray Austin


13. “Alpha Child

When an Alphan woman gives birth, she unwittingly becomes part of an attempt by aliens to avoid their civilisation's extinction. As the first baby born on Alpha suddenly grows to the size of a 5-year-old, Koenig senses a more sinister explanation than unexplained outer space conditions at work on a child.

Guest Starring: Julian Glover (Jarak), Cyd Hayman (Sue Crawford), Wayne Brooks (Jackie Crawford), Rula Lenska (Jane Conway).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Ray Austin


14. “Guardian of Piri

Only Koenig sees through a seductive woman's entreaties to join her on the planet Piri for a blissful, machine-controlled existence. The Guardian of a tranquil and beautiful planet lures Alpha personnel to the land of eternal peace, which Koenig realises is definitely not as advertised.

Guest Starring: Catherine Schell (Servant of the Guardian), Michael Culver (Pete Irving), Gareth Hunt (Eagle Pilot).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Charles Crichton


15. “Space Brain

Moonbase Alpha faces danger on a collision course with a gossamer-like organism that has annihilated an Eagle craft and crew, and taken possession of the mind of another. An outburst of strange hieroglyphics on all of Alpha’s video screens heralds its encounter with a ‘Space Brain’.

Guest Starring: Shane Rimmer (Kelly), Carla Romanelli (Melita).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Charles Crichton


16. “Full Circle

When two Alpha reconnaissance flights pass through a time warp, the crews find themselves sharing an existence with Cro-Magnon beings. Sandra is kidnapped by cave men whose chief bears a striking resemblance to someone they all know.

Guest Starring: Oliver Cotton (Spearman).

Writers: Jesse Lasky Jr, Pat Silver

Director: Bob Kellett


17. “The Last Sunset

The Alphans must determine whether the Planet Ariel, which closely resembles Earth, is really the best hope for their future. Paul and Sandra look forward to raising a family as the Alphans prepare for an Operation Exodus.

Guest Starring: No Guest Stars.

Writers: Christopher Penfold, Charles Crichton

Director: Charles Crichton


18. “The Infernal Machine

An ancient man and the talking machine he serves come to Alpha requesting much needed supplies. John and Helena must free themselves from the powerful man-machine that plans to keep them as its new companions.

Guest Starring: Leo McKern (Companion), Gary Waldhorn (Winters).

Writer: Anthony Terpiloff

Director: David Tomblin


19. “Force of Life

Koenig and his team must stop one of their technicians, whose sudden, consuming need for heat threatens Alpha. Burned-out equipment and frozen corpses lie in the wake of a being which has become an instrument of destruction that feeds on energy and endangers anything that it touches.

Guest Starring: Ian McShane (Anton Zoref), Gay Hamilton (Eva), John Hamill (Dominix), Eva Rueber-Staier (Jane).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: David Tomblin


20. “Another Time, Another Place

Present and future overlap, when a space phenomenon which creates duplicates of Alpha and its inhabitants. What role does crew member Regina have in the mystery, who thinks she’s married to Alan Carter, but who believes both he and John Koenig are dead.  

Guest Starring: Judy Geeson (Regina).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: David Tomblin


21. “End of Eternity

Koenig rescues an immortal alien doomed to spend an eternity inside a barren asteroid. The liberated entity repays his kindness by wreaking destruction across Moonbase Alpha. Koenig must risk his own life in order to restore order.

Guest Starring: Peter Bowles (Balor), Jim Smilie (Baxter).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: Ray Austin


22. “Missing Link

An anthropologist from the planet Zenno, as well as millions of years in the future, abducts John Koenig for his study into a "missing link", an earlier life form that bridges known variants of civilisation.

Guest Starring: Peter Cushing (Raan), Joanna Dunham (Vana).

Writer: Edward Di Lorenzo

Director: Ray Austin


23. “The Testament of Arkadia

Koenig must free Alpha from the power-draining influence of the desolate planet of Arkadia, where the Alphans encounter what may be the origins of life on Earth. Complicating matters are two specialists who are determined to investigate more about the previous civilisation on the dead world.

Guest Starring: Orso Maria Guerrini (Luke Ferro), Lisa Harrow (Anna Davis).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: David Tomblin


24. “War Games

An attack on Moonbase Alpha leaves the Alphans with no alternative but to relocate on the planet below, and to plead for mercy for their survivors. But the aliens who inhabit it believe that humans would be destructive to their civilisation - and they will protect themselves at any cost. (This episode became the second half of the movie “Alien Attack”).

Guest Starring: Anthony Valentine (Male Alien), Isla Blair (Female Alien).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Charles Crichton


NOTE:  Elements of this suggested running order were inspired by the work of the Space: 2099 project.




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