Richard Bonehill

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 16:19

Fight Director and Swordmaster on "Sharpe's Challenge" and a host of TV and film projects ...


Richard Bonehill's work as a Fight Director and Swordmaster has enabled him to travel all over the world enjoying 'the best job in the world'.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s he worked as a film extra, stand-in and double. During this time Richard worked on numerous television productions including Doctor Who ("Logopolis", "Time Flight", "Enlightenment", "Timelash", "Revelation of the Daleks" and "Terror of the Vervoids"), Robin Of Sherwood, Edge of Darkness, Only Fools and Horses, 'Allo 'Allo! and Eastenders, as well as films such as "Highlander" and "Flash Gordon".

Fans of "Star Wars" should note that he worked on both "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of The Jedi".

Richard was born in 1949 in London, and educated at The City of London School and Hornsey College of Art. He studied jewellery design and gold-smithing, and for ten years worked in the industry designing jewellery, silver and gold items for private clients. In 1976 he won the prestigious De Beers Diamonds International Award. In 1979 he decided on a change of career and joined travelling shows appearing in Medieval Jousting Tournaments and Wild West Shows.

His expertise as a swordsman and horseman led him into the film and television industry and for the last 26 years Richard has appeared in numerous films doubling for many famous actors. Most recently he has worked on Sharpe's Challenge, and Bleak House.

Richard has represented England and Great Britain for the past six years consecutively at international level at Sabre. In 2001 he finished in 6th place in The World Veterans Fencing Championships in Martinique. In 2002 he won the title of North Atlantic Sabre Champion in Boston, Massachusetts and is senior fencing coach at Truro Fencing Club.

Richard lives in St Ives, Cornwall, in a magical house overlooking the sea with his wife Lynne and six cats. His main interests include films (working on and watching them) music (tone deaf but never misses Top of The Pops), researching his family history, and eating and drinking too much (then dieting and afterwards apologising for his boisterous behaviour!). His early school reports stated that he had a rather ‘cavalier attitude to life‘!

We were delighted that Richard joined us for the Cult TV Festival in 2006.


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