Andy Thomas

Tuesday, 19 January 2010 00:00

Andy is a leading researcher into unexplained mysteries and a campaigner for liberty and truth issues. He is author of many books, including “Vital Signs”, described by many as the definitive guide to the controversial crop circle phenomenon.

Andy ThomasHis new book, “The Truth Agenda”, attempts to make sense of the complex tapestry of issues surrounding global cover-ups and metaphysical mysteries in an illuminating and accessible guide. Why do so many people now believe in conspiracy theories, and what is the evidence to support them? Why is there so much speculation on prophecies, ancient and modern, for the year 2012? Why is there such huge but officially undeclared interest in paranormal phenomena from authorities and religions? How does this fit together and explain the growing programme of control and the 'New World Order'?

“The Truth Agenda” gathers the many threads, from 9/11 to NASA, from UFOs to psychics, in a refreshingly accessible 380-page guide, addressing the issues with illuminating analysis and full colour presentation.

Andy widely writes and lectures in England and abroad, and is also a publisher under the banner Vital Signs Publishing (including Geoff Stray’s seminal “Beyond 2012”). He organises events for the Changing Times group, which acts simultaneously as the Lewes (East Sussex) branch of the 9/11 Truth Campaign.

He is also co-organiser and presenter of the annual Glastonbury Symposium, one of the UK’s longest running ‘alternative’ events – 20 years strong - get details of this year’s conference at

Andy Thomas - The Truth AgendaAndy has featured on numerous TV and radio shows around the world, including Richard and Judy, GMTV, Esther and The One Show, as well as appearing on Edge Media TV’s On The Edge.

A self-confessed Doctor Who fan, he believes his attention to detail and investigative nature came from his childhood interest in that programme, and wanting to know more than what was presented onscreen. The discipline to properly appreciate a series is all you need to separate truth from fiction in both the world around us and what we are presented in the media, and via our favourite fictional television shows. 

Andy will be a guest speaker in the “Facts from Fiction” seminars at Cineology 2010, to be held in September at the Pontin’s Pakefield Resort, Lowestoft.

Find out more about Andy and his work at

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