Ian R Crane

Tuesday, 19 January 2010 00:00

An ex-oilfield executive, Ian lectures and writes on the geographical and political webs that are being spun worldwide, with particular focus on American global power plays and the agenda for control of global resources. Prior to his retirement from the corporate arena, Ian enjoyed a career of 25 years in telecommunications and international oilfield services, a career that provided the opportunity to live and work in the UK, continental Europe, the Middle East and Houston, Texas.

Ian R CraneOver the past eight years, Ian has given literally hundreds of presentations on the anomalies between the physical evidence and the official version of events for both 9/11 and the London Bombings of 7/7.

More recently, Ian has focused his efforts on raising awareness of Codex Alimentarius - the United Nations agenda to eradicate organic farming and to destroy the complementary and alternative healthcare industry – actions seemingly far-fetched and counter-productive, until you investigate the evidence and realise that truth really is much stranger than any fiction!

Ian has on occasion used Peter Finch’s impassioned speech as newsman Howard Beale from the 1976 film “Network” to reflect the nature of the present media – the scene is more powerful nearly 35 years after its production than it was at the time. He has also noted that last year’s Torchwood special “Children of Earth” may have a few unexpected real-world facts at its core.  He will be expanding on other connections within the "Fact from Fiction" seminars at CINEOLOGY 2010, happening at the Pontin's Pakefield Resort, Lowestoft, this September.

Ian says: “If you call me a conspiracy theorist, at least have the good grace to review the evidence with me”.

Find our more about Ian and his work at www.ianrcrane.co.uk

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