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Monday, 02 November 2015

Tower of Evil - out now on UK Blu-ray and DVDA deserted lighthouse on the fog-shrouded Snape Island sets the scene, where two fishermen (George Coulouris and Jack Watson) moor their boat and begin to explore. They chance upon three naked, dead bodies before they find themselves attacked by Penny Read (Candace Glendenning – Rashel in Blake’s 7 “Weapon”), a crazed woman. When she is taken back to the mainland, she reveals little due to her mind having switched off from the terror she has endured. However, an ancient artefact found with her may provide a clue as to what happened. An expedition is quickly organised to try and solve the series of violent and sexual murders.

From horror producer Richard Gordon (“Devil Doll”, “Horror Hospital” and "Inseminoid") 1972’s “Tower Of Evil” is known Stateside as “Horror On Snape Island”, and also found itself released almost a decade later as “Beyond The Fog”, suggesting (wrongly) that it was a sequel to John Carpenter’s movie. With a selection of engaging extras, Odeon Entertainment’s Blu-ray release gives the production another boost for a modern audience.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Skull - out now on dual format Blu-ray and DVDBased on a short story by “Psycho” author Robert Bloch, “The Skull” is a dark, gothic horror film about a skull with the power to compel murder. The picture stars Peter Cushing (“Dracula”, “The Curse of Frankenstein”) as Christopher Maitland, a rather starchy collector of occult relics, with Christopher Lee (“The Wicker Man”, “The Mummy”) in the supporting cast as a fellow collector who has somehow evaded its influence.

The skull was severed from the neck of none-other than the Marquis de Sade, the infamous 18th-19th Century French aristocrat with a penchant for sadism and other morally dubious behaviour. On its own, the skull is able to control the weak-willed but when combined with other satanic artefacts, its power could overwhelm even the strongest and most devout minds. Incredulous, Dr Maitland pursues the object with potentially deadly results.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Seconds - out now on dual format Blu-ray and DVD“Seconds” is a thriller from director John Frankenheimer (“The Manchurian Candidate”, “Ronin”) about a bored banker who is drawn into shady scheme to dole out new identities. Not only does the man undergo extensive plastic surgery to change his entire appearance, but he is handed a new and luxurious house (complete with servant), a ready-made career and a carefree lifestyle. His old body and life, family included, is jettisoned.

The aging, overweight banker, Arthur Hamilton (John Randolph – “Serpico”, “Prizzi’s Honor”), is transformed into Antiochus ‘Tony’ Wilson (Rock Hudson – “Ice Station Zebra”, The Martian Chronicles), a younger and more handsome figure. He quickly strikes up a relationship with a beautiful woman (Salome Jens – the Female Shapeshifter in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and seems to be living the dream, but appearances can be deceptive.

Monday, 26 October 2015

ITV60 - celebrating 60 years of ITV on 12 DVDs - out nowStuck for a Christmas gift for someone who has just got into television history, and wants a perfect primer? Then consider the brand new boxset “ITV60” from Network. This 12-DVD set includes 60 episodes, features a mix of both classics and rarities from the archives, including some programmes thought lost forever.

This set contains previously unreleased episodes of Crossroads, Rainbow, Tiswas, Coronation Street, World in Action, The Bill and Whicker's World – together with some exceptionally rare items from the Associated Rediffusion archive, namely No Hiding Place, Mystery Bag, Crane and Our Man at St Mark’s. With each disc themed to provide an ‘evening's entertainment’, this dip into the archives provides a trip down Memory Lane as well as a timely reminder of some of the best television of the last sixty years.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Naked Prey - Dual Format Blu-ray and DVD released“The Naked Prey” portrays one man’s struggle for survival as he is hunted by an African tribe after the rest of his safari party is tortured and killed. Cornel Wilde (“The Greatest Show on Earth”, “Leave Her to Heaven”) stars as ‘Man’ in a film he wrote, produced and also directed. The story is loosely based on the real-life experiences of American frontiersman John Colter, and set in the 19th Century.

The arrogant sponsor of Man’s expedition refuses to offer up a gift to pay respect to a tribe that crosses their path, triggering the rather savage response. Engaging in what they anticipate will be a bit of simple sport, the tribe decide to give the white explorer a small head start before they send one of their warriors to kill him. The plan backfires and they soon realise that their prey may present more of a challenge than they anticipated.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Vote in the Cult TV Awards 2015 and you could win Alfred Hitchcock Presents - The Complete CollectionVoting has just concluded for the Cult TV Awards 2015, with a trio of incentives up for grabs, and the First Prize was the entire seven seasons, over 35 DVDs, of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS in a superb box set, with a RRP of £149.99! Following the nominations phase of the Awards, where we asked you who should go in each of the five pigeonholes to be in with a chance to win each of the coveted gongs, it was up to YOU to decide who the lucky winners would be, Thanks to our good friends at Fabulous Films, we have huge incentives for you to take the time to tell us who should win.  Remember - if you didn’t vote, you can't now complain about who has won!

Alfred Hitchcock Presents is an anthology series which features guest stars such as Steve McQueen, Vincent Price, Jessica Tandy, William Shatner, Roger Moore, Walther Matthau, Burt Reynolds, Dick Van Dyke, Charles Bronson, Diana Dors, Sydney Pollock, Leslie Neilsen, Bette Davis and Robert Redford. Who could possibly resist a running time of 6,679 mins approx, which accounts for ALL the episodes, including the 1962 story “The Sorcerer's Apprentice” which was not broadcast by NBC (they felt the ending, involving the “sawing a woman in half” trick was too gruesome)? Second and third prizes were Season One on its own, with a RRP of £29.99 per set, 961 mins over six DVDs!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

80000 Suspects - out now on Blu-ray and DVDOne of BAFTA-winning director Val Guest's most memorable films, “80,000 Suspects” is now available in a brand-new High Definition transfer from the original film elements. It’s also in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio on this new Blu-ray and DVD release from Network. Hitting screens in the UK in 1963, with the tale of a crisis which begins one New Year’s Eve, Richard Johnson (Hugh Drummond in “Deadlier than the Male” and “Some Girls Do”) and Claire Bloom (a BAFTA winner for “Shadowlands”) star as marriage-on-the-rocks couple Dr Steven and Julie Monk. The duo would go on to star in Robert Wise’s “The Haunting”, but here they are at the centre of a smallpox epidemic in the city of Bath.

Dr Monk suspects there’s a very serious problem when he is asked to examine a patient with unusual symptoms, after the good Doctor pops by the hospital following a party which has been uncomfortable at best – and he’d only gone in to pick up a camera! The results come back from ‘the lab’, and it is indeed his worst nightmare. Alongside all this, there are complications of a soap opera variety, which entwine with the medical plot as a love triangle plays out alongside the traumatic events.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

We Are Still Here - out now on Blu-ray and DVD“We Are Still Here” is a haunted house horror starring Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig. The Sacchettis are a middle-aged couple who leave the city and some terrible memories behind, moving into an isolated country abode in New England in the midst of a bitter winter. It does not take long after the pair settle in before they discover that their new home is not altogether empty, and that the locals are harbouring a rather nasty secret.

Paul (Sensenig – “Upstream Colour”) is a sceptic, but Anne (Crampton – “You’re Next”, “Re-Animator”) immediately senses something off in the house, wondering whether it might be the spirit of their recently-departed son. She contacts a couple of spiritualist friends who might be able to help. Something supernatural is lurking in the basement, whilst the townsfolk provide a rather frosty welcome that reinforces the sense of dread.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Pompidou - out now on DVDMatt Lucas of Little Britain and Come Fly with Me fame is the star, co-creator, co-writer and co-director on this six-part comedy series about a pompous aristocrat who has lost virtually everything and now lives in a decrepit caravan on the grounds of his old mansion. Pompidou Pompidou (Lucas) shares his humble abode with his man-servant Hove (Alex Mcqueen – “Four Lions”, “Cinderella”) and his Afghan hound Marian.

Like the whacky offspring of Mr Bean, Pingu and Worzel Gummidge (as Lucas describes it), there is no dialogue to speak of in this predominantly visual comedy, but rather the characters speak in gibberish mixed in with the odd intelligible word of English. Each episode sees Pompidou and co trying to solve one crisis after the next, be it their lack of money, food, heat or female companionship. Needless to say, things do not go according to plan.

Monday, 05 October 2015

The Avengers Series 6 out on Blu-ray nowThe Avengers – The Complete Series 6 on Blu-ray, with a RRP of £79.99, was the incentive prize for nominating your favourites in the Cult TV Awards 2015. Thanks to Studiocanal we had three sets to give away, with the winners chosen from all those who gave us their nominations, thus helping continue to make our Awards truly representative of UK television fandom.

This was the final season of the original series of stories featuring John Steed. It begins with the departure of Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel, who hands over to Linda Thorson’s Tara King. Production difficulties meant these episodes were of varying quality, but when it gets it right we can view some of the best episodes of The Avengers EVER! The troubled beginning to this mega-season of 33 episodes, rescued by the return of producers Brian Clemens and Albert Fennell, followed Cathy-Gale-era producer John Bryce taking the helm for just three episodes. 

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