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Monday, 05 January 2015

The Cult TV Awards winners for 2014 have just been announced. Appreciators from the UK of extraordinary fictional television are given the chance every year (since 1994) to nominate and vote for their favourites in a couple of dozen categories, including an expansive ‘Hall of Fame’ as well as a trio of gongs in the infamous ‘Hall of Shame’. It provides an excellent litmus test of where mainstream views cross over, and differ, from those in the fan communities.

Voting in the Cult TV Awards 2014 gave you a chance to win some top prizes

This year gauged from September 2013 to August 2014 inclusive, next year will see the Cult TV Awards Ceremony return as a live event, which everyone can attend.  Part of the Cult TV Festival’s 21st Birthday Party, a one day-and-night convention will share a weekend with “Doomwatch Live” – a similar style of event for extraordinary happenings in the real world. The weekend to mark in your diaries is 6-9 November 2015 at the Park Inn Telford, Shropshire. Full details and booking information can be found at www.culttv.biz

Monday, 29 December 2014

The Fall - Series 2 out on Blu-ray and DVDIn series two of BAFTA-winning crime drama The Fall, serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan - Christian Grey in 2015's "Fifty Shades of Grey") is on the run from Det Superintendent Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson - The X-Files). Spector’s days of preying on women are far from over, and it is not long before he kidnaps ex-girlfriend Rose (Valene Kane - "’71") and resumes his destructive relationship with besotted schoolgirl Katie (Aisling Franciosi - Quirke).

Spector returns to Belfast to see his family but his freedom of movement is seriously curtailed thanks to his mugshot being in the media, and the police are closing in as more evidence is uncovered. He also has to contend with the jealous, wife-beating husband of a patient he encouraged to leave home (Brian Milligan - "Hunger"). The heat is on in this gripping game of cat and mouse but Spector’s cunning and hubris refuse to be constrained.

Monday, 08 December 2014

Voting has just concluded for this year's Cult TV Awards, following the nominations phase where we asked you who should go in each of the five pigeonholes to be in with a chance to win each of the coveted gongs.

It was up to YOU to once again to decide who the lucky recipients will be, and thanks to our good friends at Network Releasing, we again had a trio of superb prizes as an incentive for you to take the time to tell us who should win.  Remember - if you didn't vote, you can't then complain about who wins!

Prizes up for grabs for voting in the Cult TV Awards 2014 - with thanks to Network Releasing

First Prize was The Professionals on Blu-ray - the Box Sets of MkI (i.e., Season One) and MkII (Season Two), released this year, and digitally restored so that the episodes look better than ever - the winner was Colin Taylor of Swanscombe, Kent.  Second Prize features the debut release of the Season Two double episode of Space: 1999 - "The Bringers of Wonder" - out this month on a Blu-ray edition limited to just 1,999 copies - and with it our winner will get the whole of Season One of Space: 1999 in the Blu-ray box set (which also features the first episdode of Season Two, "The Metamorph" featuring the debut of Catherine Schell's character, Maya) - the winner was Masih Malik of Epsom Downs, Surrey. The Third Prize is the recently released, and seldom-seen David Jason bittersweet comedy Lucky Feller - featuring all 13 episodes from 1976, as well as the unscreened pilot featuring different cast members from the previous year - the winner was Hazel Kohler of Feltham, Middlesex.

All you had to do to be in with a chance of being a winner was make your selections on our voting form. For those of you new to this, there were NO premium rate phone lines to call, or even stamps to buy to put your votes on record! With the process being online, and with each form being individually verified to ensure that block votes were discounted, this is the best system going to ensure that we genuinely take the pulse of the UK’s Cult TV appreciators. Keep checking back to find out who the winners were.

Monday, 01 December 2014

Because you demanded it! Returning for one day (and one night) only, it's the Cult TV Festival, celebrating its 21st Birthday in 2015!

Doomwatch Meets Cult TV - The Festival is back for its 21st Birthday

Since the last Cult TV Weekender in 2007, the corridors of television appreciation have remained fallow - nothing has emerged to fill the niche which was the residence of Cult TV and its unique way of celebrating extraordinary fictional television. Dipping the collective toes back in the waters of fandom, the return will be shared over a weekend with hot new show DOOMWATCH - already a year old, and will be celebrating its second anniversary by November 2015.  Two different themes for the Saturday and Sunday, two different pockets of interest, but every possibility that the cosmopolitan groups that appreciate their separate areas will look to crossover and make a weekend of it! Find out more, and book your tickets NOW via www.culttv.biz

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

White Reindeer on DVD and VOD"White Reindeer" is an antidote to some of the more saccharine Christmas movies, along the lines of "Bad Santa" blended with "Bridget Jones's Diary". The film focuses on estate agent Suzanne Barrington (Anna Margaret Hollyman - "The Den"), a happily married woman who is looking forward to Christmas and relocating to Hawaii until she discovers that her husband has been brutally murdered by burglars.

Greaving Suzanne drifts from day to day at home, becoming massively addicted to online shopping for festive junk and clothes as she desperately seeks some kind of emotional boost. Then she discovers that the man she loved had been having an affair and goes in search of 'the other woman'. The lady in question is stripper Fantasia (Laura Lemar-Goldsborough), who befriends Suzanne and shows her how to live on the wild side of life.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Thief of Bagdad dual-format DVD & Blu-rayDouglas Fairbanks ("Robin Hood", "The Mark of Zorro") stars in this lavish movie based on several Arabian Nights tales. Fairbanks plays the titular thief, an egotistical rogue who excels at taking what he wants with scant regard for his victims. When he falls for the Caliph's beautiful daughter (Julanne Johnston), he realises that there is one thing he cannot steal and sets about winning her heart through feats of bravery and cunning.

Featuring magic, monsters and romance, not to mention impressive athleticism on the part of Fairbanks, this film from way back in 1924 will appeal to fans of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", the 'Prince of Persia' video games and BBC's Atlantis. Prolific director Raoul Walsh ("White Heat", "High Sierra") shot the movie and it features a fantastic soundtrack by Carl Davis that contains elements of Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Spione - out on dual format Blu-ray and DVDAustrian director Fritz Lang followed up the iconic "Metropolis" with this espionage thriller about a criminal mastermind's plan to intercept a peace treaty to trigger a devastating war. A forerunner to James Bond, "Spione" ("Spies" in English) features all the elements we expect from a modern spy movie including chase scenes, covert operations, damsels in distress and high-tech gadgetry, and is all the more impressive for having been directed in 1928.

Rudolf Klein-Rogge ("The Testament of Dr. Mabuse") plays the evil genius Haghi, whose base of operations is secreted away in the basement of a bank he uses as a front for his dastardly activities. Tracking him down is Number 326 (Willy Fritsch - "Frau im Mond"), a daring secret agent masquerading as a pauper. Caught between them is Sonja (Gerda Maurus - also "Frau im Mond"), a loyal Russian agent working for Haghi but who falls for 326.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Space:1999 - The Bringers of Wonder from Series 2 comes to Blu-rayThe wait is nearly over for fans of Space: 1999. The Complete Second Series, digitally restored in High Definition, on Blu-ray and DVD is scheduled to finally be released into the wild in Autumn 2015.

But, there’s time for a little taster beforehand, with a stocking filler for fans this festive season. Network Distributing will be bringing out a special edition Blu-ray release of the two-part episode “The Bringers Of Wonder” - featuring a pair of episodes which were originally conceived to be a big screen feature for some territories. It will be available exclusively through networkonair.com from 8 December 2014 – and available on pre-order right now! The RRP is £13.00, and limited to just 1,999 copies, so get yours reserved now.

Sunday, 09 November 2014

Parks and Recreation - Season 6 out on DVDThe penultimate season of American hit comedy Parks and Recreation begins with Councillor Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler - Saturday Night Live) on the back foot. Everyone seems to be gunning for her in a recall vote, despite her best efforts. The fortunes of her friends and colleagues are more positive: Andy (Chris Pratt – Bright Abbott in Everwood, Peter Quill in “Guardians of the Galaxy”) is offered an amazing temporary job in London, Anne and Chris have a baby on the way and Tom never stops coming up with new business ideas, some of which actually come off.

The Golden Globe-winning series continues to pull in some big guest stars including none-other than Michelle Obama, Mad Men's Jon Hamm, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess herself), Kristen Bell ("Frozen") and Sam Elliot ("Hulk"). This Season 6 box set includes three discs jam-packed with all 22 episodes and a bundle of special features such as a celebration marking the production of the 100th episode.

Sunday, 09 November 2014

Unearthly Stranger comes to DVD"Unearthly Stranger" is a neat, British, sci-fi chiller, all about a group of scientists involved in cutting-edge research. They are on the verge of discovering a way to harness untapped energy in the brain to project one's mind through time and space, potentially across galaxies. Worryingly, each time the secret formula is discovered, those involved start to die, horribly and inexplicably. Who or what is behind these unseen attacks?

John Neville ("Baron Munchausen", Well-Manicured Man in The X-Files) stars as Dr Mark Davidson, the scientist promoted following his predecessor's recent, tragic death. Davidson savours the opportunity but discovers that he is obstructed by bureaucracy and a nagging paranoia that someone, or some… thing is undermining his progress. Meanwhile, his superiors turn their attention on Mark's new wife, a beautiful woman who exhibits some odd behaviour.

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