Cult TV on Film24 now on Joost

Tuesday, 19 February 2008 09:36

We are delighted to announce that satellite channel film24 has begun transmitting the Kevin Jon Davies documentary on Cult TV - expect to see it in their schedules several times over the next few weeks. 

And now you can download it from JOOST - as soon as you have downloaded their nifty software to your computer that makes it all happen!

Filmed during our 2007 Festival Weekender at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire, there are several versions of the programme, and the full cut made its debut on Sunday 17 February at 9.00pm - 9.40pm on Sky Channel 158.

Philip Glenister and Matthew Graham with Cult TV Awards

Of the various different cuts of the documentary, Kevin explained: "There are two other versions of the programme; a 2-part version, of 18 minutes and 10 minutes, and also three 10 minute segments which can be screened ad-hoc, as single stand-alone filler items".

Kevin has been one of Cult TV's keen supporters over the years, having attended our first Festival back in 1994, and then joined us occasionally up until the present day as one of our special guests.

This special programme features both celebrities and attendees discussing what has made the Cult TV Festival Weekender so special, and why it has been completely unique in the worldwide fan appreciation universe.

Another screening of the programme happened on Wednesday 20 February at 10.00pm - we'll keep you posted of more transmission times as we get them!

Please note that some film24 programming is also available via JOOST.

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