Moonlight Cult Arrives

Tuesday, 19 February 2008 15:38
Recently voted Best New TV Drama by The People’s Choice Awards 2008 in the USA, Moonlight is already leaving its mark on Stateside viewers and arrives on LIVING this month.

Private Investigator Mick St John (Alex O’Loughlin, Detective Kevin Hiatt in The Shield) is a vampire who ironically makes it his mission to help people, rather than adhere to the usual vampiric tendencies. He teams up with beautiful and tenacious reporter Beth Turner (Sophia Myles, Lady Penelope in the "Thunderbirds" movie, as well as Reinette in the Doctor Who episode "Girl In The Fireplace").

Mick makes it his mission to uncover murders and mysteries, and protect the innocent. Garlic and ornate crucifixes are no match for this modern-day vampire; a stake through the heart will only render a vampire paralysed ... but only until someone kindly removes it.

In a life-altering twist of fate, Mick St John was bitten 55 years ago by his new bride, the seductive Coraline, (Shannyn Sossoman, Kira Klay in Dirt), on their wedding night. Forever 30 years of age, Mick is as handsome and charismatic as the day he was "turned". With only a handful of like-minded confidantes for company, including the eternally young, wealthy and mischievous Josef (Jason Dohring, Logan Echolls in Veronica Mars), a 400 year old vampire hedge-fund trader who relishes his uniqueness, Mick fills his infinite days protecting the living, including Beth Turner.

But, unbeknownst to Beth, she has met Mick before. One night many years ago, Mick saved her from being kidnapped by Coraline as a young girl, making him realise he wanted to use his powers for good, not evil. Now their paths cross again, and Mick feels a distinctive bond with Beth, who has grown into a beautiful, courageous woman. Mick knows he can't pursue his feelings without exposing the part of him that would make him a monster in Beth's eyes. As he lives between two realities, fighting his adversaries among the undead and falling in love, he discovers the mysteries and pleasures that a valuable life has to offer.

Here's a preview of the first two episodes, and details of transmission times on LIVING in the UK:

Episode 1 – Tuesday 19 February, 10.00pm
“No such thing as vampires”
A string of vampire-like murders have been hitting Los Angeles. It's up to Mick St John to find out who's behind these murders and stop them from happening again. While he's on the case, he meets a woman from his past, Beth Turner, who's going to change his future. As she struggles to remember where she knows him from, they team up to find out who is committing the murders and giving vampires in LA a bad name...

Episode 2 – Tuesday 26 February, 10.00pm
“Out of the Past”
In 1983, Mick attacked his client's killer and, in the process, revealed that he was a vampire. Having failed to finish the job and kill the murderer, Lee Jay, Mick has left himself exposed and vulnerable. Lee Jay was arrested and charged with the murder, but has now been released after years of imprisonment, vowing revenge on the vampire. Mick must also face one of his worst fears: having the truth of his immortal identity revealed to Beth.

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