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Saturday, 14 May 2011 00:00

Edge Media, the channel that brings its audience alternative views on health, historical, spiritual and political issues has returned from the grave.  The phoenix-like resurrection has happened following a long-standing battle over rights to the station. The interim plan to get back on-air via internet broadcasts has been the subject of numerous damaging cyber attacks, which says a lot for the impact the channel has had on its detractors. And now, every Thursday new editions of flagship interview show ON THE EDGE are being transmitted at 8pm on Sky channel 200. New host alex:g has so far talked with celebrities of the like of Jesse Ventura, whistle-blowers such as Field McConnell of Abel Danger, newspaper editor Brian Gerrish and the leader of the British Constitution Group, Roger Hayes.

Where Reality Collides with Spirituality


Edge Media has been rejuvenated on Sky’s channel 200, and will soon be available to non-Sky viewers via simultaneous internet broadcasting of its programmes. The channel transmits daily from 6.00am until 9.00am, then Noon until 10.00pm, and the schedule will eventually be repeated overnight via the internet. There is also a programme library available for online subscribers, ultimately allowing access to over 1,000 hours of shows broadcast since the channel’s debut in 2008.

The new host of ON THE EDGE, alex:g, said: “Regular viewers will be delighted that we're looking to increase their ability to interact with us. We currently have just text messages coming in live, but now we’ll also take phone calls and observe opinions left in real time on our online forums”. The first new episode was broadcast on 3rd March, and upcoming issues include civil liberties, HAARP weather modification, chemtrails, the 7/7 inquest, and the corporate attack on natural herbs and remedies.

Edge Media’s new Director of Operations, Ian R Crane, is keen to expand the range and quality of original programming on the channel.  He noted: “we want to reach out to programme makers whose views mirror those of Edge Media. We can help with facilities, and we hope that their efforts will attract new sponsors and advertisers at the same time. This is niche television with a very active community of viewers, something very attractive to those with compatible products and services”.

Keith Goodyer, Edge Media Director, is delighted that fresh broadcasts are starting up again.  He said: “we have a unique channel in the huge landscape of television available in the UK. I’m very glad that we can once again screen series that will have people thinking and debating.  I am sure we’ll be providing many ‘water cooler’ talking points to the length and breadth of Britain.”

The return of Edge Media to the airwaves has been made possible by a fundraising campaign called “Edge Media Rescue”. Viewers and supporters were invited make donations to help re-launch the channel, via a website appeal.  Ian R Crane, who masterminded this drive, commented: “Edge has a very loyal audience, and they have opened up their hearts and their wallets to get us back on air.  We now have the opportunity to build on that initial support, and fund the channel in new and innovative ways.  The next three months are crucial to the channel’s survival. We’ll be looking to broadcast as much original content as possible, which will encourage new sponsors and advertisers to get involved. We are relying on our grass roots supporters to help secure Edge’s future. This really is the people’s channel”.

Edge Media is available via Sky satellite channel 200, and soon via the internet at www.emtvonline.co.uk  

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Edge Media - Back on Sky channel 200 thanks to public support



1.  Edge Media is a free-to-air channel - anyone who receives their television through a Sky box is able to pick up the broadcasts on Sky channel 200. This means that the channel can currently be received in over 10 million UK homes via this route alone.

2. Edge Media is pioneering a new way of doing business, outside traditional commercial regimes. Managerial Staff will not take any salary until the channel achieves financial stability.

3.  Edge Media began transmissions in June 2008. It came about in response to the increasing numbers of people who are experiencing a new awareness that reaches beyond scientific, religious and historical doctrines.  Interests within our audience include natural health, spirituality, history, finance, civil liberties, the environment, and global politics. In addition, they want to take away the theories from conspiracies, focusing on evidence and facts. We have the opportunity and necessity to appreciate and accept the diversity and uniqueness that each of us contributes.  Awakening requires a realisation of what and who we are, beyond the ordinary considerations of our human self, as well as experiencing extraordinary dimensions of our larger being, never before realised.

4. For interviews and supporting images of Ian R Crane or alex:g, please contact our Press Office.  Telephone 020 7558 8869, or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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